In 2023, Future And Metro Boomin Tease Joint Album Release

In 2023, Future And Metro Boomin Tease Joint Album Release

A new joint album by Future and Metro Boomin has been hinted at recently, and it’s expected to come this year.

The Atlanta rapper shared a post from another Instagram account on his Instagram Story on Wednesday (January 18), stating the two are working on a joint project. The post has images of Future and Metro together as well as a video in which Metro makes the suggestion that their reunion will last longer than just a few songs.

The video is taken from a recent interview in which the Grammy-winning producer discussed his decision not to appear on Future’s last album, “I Never Liked You.” He was meant to have produced a few songs for the album, but decided it would be better if they worked on a full project together, according to Metro.

“[Future] actually finished most of the album at my studio in LA,” he said. “That’s my brother, but we’re working on some things.” At first, we were going to put a couple of songs with me and him on the album, but we took them off because I had talked to him.”

He continued: “I was like, ‘Look, the last time anybody’s really heard a song from me and you was ‘Mask Off.’ So instead of us randomly throwing one or two songs we did on here, we got to wait and just give them a joint.’”

One of Future’s biggest hits, “Mask Off,” was awarded a 9x platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of America in August 2022. (RIAA). Additionally, Hendrix and Metro collaborated on the songs “Honest,” “Wicked,” “Where Ya At,” and “Jumpman,” which featured Drake.

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