Iman Nunez Reflects on Yonkers Roots, New Tape, and Hip-Hop Scene with Nyla Simone.

Iman Nunez Talks Meeting Pusha T In A Bathroom, The State Of NY Hip Hop, New Tape Phases 2 & More!

Iman Nunez Reflects on Yonkers Roots, New Tape, and Hip-Hop state of hip-hop. Iman discussed his music career, including collaborations with artists like Nico and HD. He shared his background, growing up in Yonkers, and being mentored by established artists like The Lox. Iman talked about his experience creating his new tape, “Phases 2,” and organizing a cypher with other artists for “On The Radar.”
He also spoke about his Dominican heritage and why he initially chose not to highlight it in his music career. Reflecting on his growth as an artist, Iman mentioned his struggles with singing and rapping and how he eventually found his voice. He discussed his clothing line, Rosale, named after his hometown.
The interview covered recent hip-hop events, including the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef, meeting Pusha T in a bathroom, and the state of NY hip-hop. Iman expressed his love for R&B music and mentioned artists he admires in that genre. He emphasized the importance of hard work, gratitude, and staying true to oneself in the music industry.