Hit-Boy Releases Avelino-Assisted “2 Certified” Single

Hit-Boy Releases Avelino-Assisted "2 Certified" Single

Hit-Boy was a force behind the scenes in 2022, and he finished the year strong by traveling abroad to get Avelino for “2 Certified.”

Hit takes over from the British MC and shows off his lyrical prowess in an effort to gain appreciation for his beat-making abilities.

“I dealt with envy and I dealt with jealousy/Play with your bitch, don’t play with my legacy,” he raps. “You made a lil’ paper, I went at their neck and made history/Dumbin’ out on my own beats/Hot like I threw ’em in grease.”

Hit-Boy and Avelino stake their claim for the rap crown in the glitzy video directed by THIRDEYERAZ by staging a press conference with journalists shoving microphones in their faces and paparazzi swooning over their every word.

“My engineer David Kim, who was mixing the Nas album, was also mixing Avelino’s album down the hall,” Hit-Boy relayed to Billboard. “So Avelino came through and by the end of the night we had this record done.”

The West Coast icon is apparently working on his sixth studio album, which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

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