Gordo Teases New Drake Collaboration With July 12 Release Date.

Gordo has gained significant recognition in the 2020s. Though he’s been a DJ for nearly two decades, his collaborations with Drake have exposed him to a wider audience. They have maintained their working relationship, with Gordo hinting at a new collaboration set to release by the end of the week. He shared a video and a photo marked with “July 12,” suggesting either a major tease or playful trolling about new Drake music.

The video Gordo posted on Instagram features a segment from the Flagrant podcast. While Gordo himself isn’t in the video, Andrew Schulz and the panel mention his work with Drake. One panelist remarked, “[Drake] does something like that. He did it with Gordo. He saw that this is what people are f**cking with and did it.” The accompanying photo, showing the interior of Drake’s Toronto mansion with “July 12” written on it, strongly hints at new Drake music, aligning with the typical Friday release schedule.

Previously, in May, Gordo posted a photo with Drake, captioned “You guys ready for summer 2024…” which generated much excitement but resulted in no new release. This led to skepticism about Gordo’s hints. If nothing is released on July 12, Gordo’s credibility might suffer.

Gordo isn’t the only one hinting at new Drake music. DJ Akademiks also mentioned on a Twitch stream on July 8 that new Drake music is imminent, stating, “Drake new music otw. And it’s fye… trust me.” He has confidently dismissed other rumors, such as Drake sampling Michael Jackson’s “Man In the Mirror.” Fans will soon find out if the hints are true.

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