Fs Da Bender: Philly Rapper Weighs In on Drill Rap’s Impact & Importance of Local Legends.

Fs Da Bender , Effects of Drill Rap & Losing Homies to Beef

In a clip from his sit down with HoodLife Media, up-and-coming rapper from Philly Fs Da Bender talked about his recently released mixtape after being incarcerated for 8 months. He created all the new material from scratch after his release. He discusses his reactions to being dissed in songs by other artists, saying sometimes he responds and other times he ignores it. One of his favorite tracks on his new tape is called “Jason”, which he wrote from a third-person perspective. He talks about the pros and cons of being an up-and-coming artist, mentioning increased opportunities but also more public scrutiny.

The interview touches on the concept of being “blackballed” in the music industry, with the artist believing exceptional talent can overcome such obstacles. There’s discussion about the importance of management in an artist’s career and treating music as a serious business. The use of controversy and “beef” as promotional tools in hip-hop is examined, with the artist acknowledging it as a common tactic. He expresses confidence in his current position and future prospects in the music industry.

The interview explores the impact of drill rap on communities and its potential negative stereotyping effects. The artist names his top five rappers from Philadelphia. He talks about his experience on the No Jumper podcast and the significance of that platform. The interview concludes with the artist giving advice to young people, strongly cautioning against getting involved in dangerous lifestyles.