Exclusive: Lil Livvy, 1Meree, Saany Goon, and ARP Beezy Address Group Misconceptions and Industry Challenges.

Lil Livvy x 1Meree x Saany Goon x ARP Beezy | BFG Podcast EP. 38

In episode 38 of ‘Bound For Greatness’ podcast, the hosts had an in-depth conversation with artists Lil Livvy, 1Meree, Saany Goon, and ARP Beezy about the misconceptions they face as a group, their upcoming music, conflicts with other rappers in the city, and various challenges in the music industry.

They discussed a rumor that went around that Lil Livvy had died. They say that this is not the first time that a false rumor has been spread about them.

They talked about the misconceptions that people have about their camp. They say that they are not trying to glorify violence and that they want to be positive role models.

Later in the episode, they talked about their plans to give back to the community. They say that they are going to start a charity basketball game and do other things to help out their city.