Exclusive: Hezzoe Opens Up About His Journey and Upcoming Project on Cook’N Up 215.

Ep.98 Artist of the Month Hezzoe, Gucci vs Jeezy, Pittsburgh vs Philly, from the streets to music

In this episode of Cook’N Up 215, host Smooth introduces the Artist of the Month, Hezzoe! This emerging rapper, born and raised in Pittsburgh, has been steadily climbing the ranks. During the episode, Hezzoe joins Smooth for an in-depth interview where he discusses his breakout song “Kitchen” and the creative process behind it. He shares that “Kitchen” was his debut track and became a significant hit because of its widespread appeal. 

Hezzoe recounts his early beginnings in music, revealing that he has been rapping and creating music since childhood. He also provides insight into the Pittsburgh rap scene, noting that while the city is small and has a limited number of rappers, the talent is exceptional. Hezzoe opens up about his tough upbringing and how it influences his music.

Looking ahead, Hezzoe emphasizes his commitment to consistently releasing music and remaining true to himself, even if it means forgoing a record deal. He also teases his upcoming project, a new track titled “What’s Going On,” set to release on June 1st.