Drake Praises SZA’s New Album, Describing It As “Incredible”

Drake Praises SZA's New Album Describing It As "Incredible"

Drake enjoys SZA’s most recent album, SOS.

Drake recently praised the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, who just achieved her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 with SOS, during a livestream with the online gaming firm Stake.

“I know one of the questions was ‘what have I been listening to?’… I’ve been listening to the new SZA, listening [to SOS], incredible,” Drake said.

Of course, Drake and SZA have a relationship history. In his guest appearance on 21 Savage’s 2020 single “Mr. Right Now,” the Toronto rapper claimed that they were dating.

SZA confirmed it in a recent interview. While speaking with Audacy earlier this month, the R&B star shared her reaction to hearing Drake’s line referring to their past relationship on the Savage Mode II track—“Said she wanna fuck to some SZA, wait/’Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08.”

“In a strange way, I was like, ‘Did they know?’” SZA shared. “But they didn’t ask me to be in it. Nobody said anything.”

In another part of the interview, SZA said that she and Drake have “always been cool” before likening the Toronto rapper to the well-known Mean Girls character Regina George played by Rachel McAdams.

“I feel like Drake has a Regina George quality to him where it’s just kind of like, ‘Have you or anyone you know been personally victimized?’” the 33-year-old said. “He’s like a cool kid, you know. When you’re the popular kid in school, it’s entertaining. It’s entertaining, but you sometimes are taking losses in the midst of that entertainment. The honesty, I respect that. But I definitely laughed real hard… I cackled.”

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