Drake Gains More Than $1m Even Though Most Of His Super Bowl Bets Were Lost

Drake Gains More Than $1m Even Though Most Of His Super Bowl Bets Were Lost

The outcome of Drake’s “crazy” Super Bowl LVII bets has finally been revealed, and while he lost the most of his tickets, one of them paid off.

Following the dramatic Super Bowl LVII game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night (February 12), Drizzy received a cashout award of almost $1 million. The Chiefs won the championship after The 6 God bet $700,000 on them, yielding an expected payment of $1.4 million.

Six of Drake’s other tickets didn’t pay off, so he needed to win this wager. On two separate tickets that didn’t pay off, he bet on JuJu Smith-Schuster and Patrick Mahomes to score the opening touchdown for the Chiefs. Also losing was his wager that the Chiefs will win both halves.

Additionally, he bet on the Chiefs to win each quarter, as well as on Travis Kelce and a tight end to win Super Bowl MVP. None of those three wagers came true. Drake ultimately lost $265,000 on those wagers, but he would have won nearly $4.5 million if they had all won.

Drake already earned $2.1 million in January due to the Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game to go to the Super Bowl. Winning more than $1 million is still a win.

Drizzy had bet $850,000 earlier in the day on the San Francisco 49ers, who were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles. He would have made an additional $1.9 million with a successful wager.

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