Donald Glover Calls Out Bet Awards For Lack Of Recognition In Witty Onstage Moment.

During the recent BET Awards, Donald Glover, while presenting the Album Of The Year award, took a moment to critique the network for never nominating him before. It marked one of the rare acknowledgments of his presence by BET, possibly prompted by the need to appease his long-standing frustration over being overlooked.

Glover humorously pointed out the disparity, stating, “I feel like I should have more BET awards. It’s the Black Entertainment Television Awards. How much more entertaining do I have to be?” He juxtaposed his Grammy wins with his single BET Award, emphasizing the irony that he shares the same number with non-Black artists like Sam Smith.

Reflecting on his lack of recognition, Glover joked about remaking a classic BET film to gain more attention, showing a mix of frustration and jest. The incident sparked social media discussions about BET’s acknowledgment of diverse Black artistry, paralleling Tyler The Creator’s recent recognition after years of being overlooked by the network.

Both Glover and Tyler represent a shift in BET’s historical portrayal of Black art, embracing a broader spectrum beyond traditional stereotypes. Their contributions, from Glover’s groundbreaking music and television to Tyler’s multigenre influence, challenge and enrich the network’s cultural narrative, urging a more inclusive approach to Black creativity beyond established norms.

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