DJ Fab’s Rise to Fame and His Latest Project ‘LUV’ Unveiled on the Guest Speaker Series.

Guest Speaker Ep. 106: DJ Fab | Turntable Teachers Podcast

In Episode 106 of the Guest Speaker series, Mike is joined by one of Boston’s most prolific DJs and producers, JAMN 94.5’s own DJ Fab! Fab recounts his journey into the nightlife scene, starting as a club bouncer before transitioning into a successful DJ career. Known for his dedicated work ethic and skilled mixes, Fab has performed at nearly every venue in Boston, ultimately earning a spot on the JAMN 94.5 roster.

Fab is also a talented producer, recently releasing his project ‘LUV’, a collection of soul, R&B, and hip-hop tracks featuring some of the area’s best rising talent, including Miranda Rae, Rosewood Bape, César, Treva Holmes, Kate Alayah, MAR1ASOL, Alex, Punky the Singer, and NOIR. Fab discusses this project in detail during the episode.

Mike and Fab delve into various topics, sharing wild stories about DJing for Bobby Shmurda at the House of Blues and the Big 3 basketball tournament at TD Garden. They also talk about their reactions to the Tom Brady roast, Fab’s favorite desserts, his narcoleptic tendencies, and much more.