Diddy Receives A Diamond-Flooded Chain From Yung Miami For His 53rd Birthday

Diddy Receives A Diamond-Flooded Chain From Yung Miami For His 53rd Birthday

Another glimpse into Yung Miami’s connection with Diddy has been provided to fans, including a video of the moment he unwrapped her pricey birthday present.

On Thursday (November 4), the day of her boyfriend’s real birthday, Yung Miami posted a tribute to him. On Saturday night, she went back to Instagram to upload pictures from his birthday celebration in Los Angeles.

Multiple images of the City Girls rapper displaying her evening attire and entering a place while holding hands with Diddy were featured in the first photoset. A video of the moment the owner of Bad Boy opens Caresha’s gift—a medallion covered in diamonds and a matching chain—was hidden among those pictures.

She included a clip of her appearance on the remix of Diddy’s new song “Gotta Move On” after the montage of their evening.

Another video clip, which was later published on Instagram, shows Yung Miami putting the present around Diddy’s neck while Mary J. Blige applauds from the seat next to him.

Yung Miami captioned the second batch of photos with the phrase “I adore the way you make ME feel,” with the second set.

The gift from Yung Miami comes after she received a similar one from Diddy in September. Diddy expressed his appreciation for her by giving her an ice necklace with a pendant that spells out “Love,” a tribute to his R&B-influenced alter ego.

Beny “Benny Da Jeweler” Nisanov, a well-known jeweler, shared a close-up photo of the sparkling gift with his Instagram followers after posting the diamond-studded neckpiece online.

Love pendant on a large baguette chain, please! Gift from @Diddy to @YungMiami305, he wrote in the description of a video on his Instagram Stories.

In the summer of 2021, Diddy and Yung Miami ignited suspicions of a May-December relationship when they were seen together at a party for Quality Control Music’s CEO Pierre “P” Thomas. However, the two have been certain that they are not dating.

However, they did acknowledge their relationship in the first episode of Caresha Please, Yung Miami’s REVOLT interview series. After the interview went viral, she continued to explain their relationship in more detail.

“We are dating. We single, but we’re dating,” she said. “People don’t know what dating means. He’s single, I’m single, but we’re dating. That’s what I mean when I say we go together. When we’re together, we’re together. We’re having the time of our lives, but we’re still single.”

She added: “He sees other people outside of me and I see people outside of him. I’m young. I’m dating. I’m, you know, having fun. I’m doing me. He’s doing the same thing. I can’t speak for exactly what he doing or who he seeing, but we are single and we dating.”

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