Club Ambition Reacts to Hailey Welch’s Viral Fame and Creepy Offers.

"$600 For A Jar Of Spit" Viral Hawk Tuah Girl Is Found!

In this Club Ambition clip, the hosts discuss a viral video featuring Hailey Welch, known as “the Hawk tuah girl,” who gained fame for her explicit description of oral sex in a street interview. Welch, 21, recently gave her first interview on a Barstool podcast, where she addressed the misconceptions about her and explained that she had deleted her social media for personal reasons before the video went viral.

Welch now has a management team and is looking to capitalize on her newfound fame, though she doesn’t want to be solely identified as “the HWT girl.” The hosts also discuss the trend of people selling unusual items like bathwater, spit, or used clothing to fans. Welch revealed she’s received creepy offers, including one person wanting to buy her spit in a jar for $600. She expressed discomfort with her new image and stated she doesn’t want it to define her moving forward.

The hosts mention that Shaquille O’Neal met with Welch, leading to a brief discussion about Shaq’s alleged romantic history. They debate why the video became so popular and whether it deserved such viral status. The conversation also touches on themes of viral fame, monetizing internet notoriety, and the sometimes uncomfortable consequences of sudden public attention.