Club Ambition Breaks Down Drake’s Trolling and Camila Cabello Collabs.

"He Flopped!" Drake Trolls Kendrick Lamar AGAIN After His Camila Cabello Songs Release

In this clip from Club Ambition, the crew discusses Drake’s recent releases and his trolling of Kendrick Lamar. They analyze two new songs by Camila Cabello featuring Drake: “Hot UpTown” and “Uuugly”. The crew aren’t impressed with “Hot UpTown” and predict it might flop, although they acknowledge that Camila Cabello’s large social media following could help the song gain some traction.

The conversation then shifts to Drake’s ongoing trolling of Kendrick Lamar. They note that Drake has continued his antics since releasing his new song, mentioning his use of the username “69God69” while bowling, which they believe is aimed at Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, Drake’s comment in a Discord (or Twitch) chat to “back door Eddie,” who was losing a video game, is interpreted as another jab at Kendrick Lamar, referencing his alleged use of bots to inflate streams.

SOUND mentions a rumor about a potential West Coast remix of ‘Not Like Us’ featuring YG or Roddy Ricch. They also discuss receiving a copyright strike from Amazon for watching a Kendrick Lamar concert on Amazon Prime, speculating that it might be because Kendrick didn’t clear the rebroadcast. This leads to speculation about Kendrick possibly releasing a documentary, why Drake hasn’t made a smart move yet and much more.