Chrisean Rock Showcases Incredible Deadlift Strength In The Gym

Chrisean Rock Showcases Incredible Deadlift Strength In The Gym

After attempting a 315-pound barbell deadlift and coming extremely close to finishing a full rep, Chrisean Rock has demonstrated her strength.

Rock is seen working out in a gym with her lover Blueface watching from nearby as she tries to deadlift the barbell with weighted plates totaling 315 pounds in a video that went viral earlier this week. Once her rep is underway, the Internet personality demonstrates outstanding form and demonstrates her knowledge of weightlifting.

Before letting it fall to the mat, Chrisean Rock raises the barbell to nearly three-quarters of its height. Because of her petite stature, the gymgoers were astounded to see her virtually finish the set, but Rock demonstrates that she barely perspired.

“That’s 310″” Chrisean Rock asks before Blueface and a trainer tell her she lifted 315 pounds. “I said 300, yo. I don’t want that shit. I’m going to be hurting in the morning, though.”

She continues: “Yo, I liked that. Now y’all making me want to hit it.”

Chrisean Rock used to be a star track athlete at Santa Monica College in California, so her demonstration of strength shouldn’t be shocking. In July 2020, she was featured in the Baltimore, Maryland, WBFF “Maryland Moment” episode, where she talked about how she used track to escape her difficult life.

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