Bun B’s Trill Burgers Opens Its First Physical Location In Houston

Bun B's Trill Burgers Opens Its First Physical Location In Houston

With the opening of a brand-new physical location, Bun B’s Trill Burgers has formally established a permanent residence in Houston.

The renowned UGK rapper said on Wednesday (December 14) that the first brick and mortar Smashburger restaurant has chosen a location and will open in early 2023.

The 3,236 square foot structure, which is situated in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, has a drive-thru and once housed one of the city’s oldest James Coney Island shops.

“It’s been a long time coming, not just for us, but for anybody that’s had a Trill Burger or wanted a Trill Burger and couldn’t get one,” Bun B said in a statement. “We’ve been working hard to find the right location to make it as easily accessible to as many people as possible.” “I think we found that location, and we can’t wait to open these doors to the city of Houston and eventually the world.”

Trill Burgers, which began as a series of pop-up restaurants in Houston in 2021, was named “greatest burger in America” by Good Morning America this past July. Additionally, celebrities like James Harden, Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, and others have endorsed it, with the latter saying the burgers are “like a Dr. Dre beat.”

“It’s like a Dr. Dre beat, mixed with Preemo, mixed with Jesus Christ,” Kiss said while at the Trill Mealz Food Court at LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Festival over the summer. “The best in the world.” They ain’t just boosting my brother up; this shit is amazing. I can’t even face it; it’s incredible.”  “I don’t need nothing to drink it’s crazy!”

The Houston icon recently in an interview discussed how he ended up in the burger business as a long-time foodie.

“I’m a big boy, so I’ve always been a fan of food,” Bun B explained. “A friend of mine and I started a food blog a little more than 10 years ago called You Got To Eat This, with my friend Premium Pete from Brooklyn. We met in other ways, but we bonded over food. And so even locally, in the city, I’ve been a big proponent of food trucks, trying to direct people to different great places to eat.

He continued by describing how Houston has developed into such a popular culinary destination and how this is in part why he was forced to enter the fray.

“Eventually I was like, “Well, I definitely would like to move into the food business, but I’ve got to find something that makes sense.” “And so the burgers being presented to me were something that was very easy to execute, very easy to scale up.”

In order to release their second joint album, Trillstatik 2, Bun and Statik Selektah recently got back together. The record was released last Friday (December 8).

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