Bun B Claims That He Is Unable To ‘Compete’ With Pimp C

Bun B Claims That He Is Unable To 'Compete' With Pimp C

Due to Pimp C’s enormous talent, Bun B has acknowledged that he could never compete with him in terms of their respective careers.

In a recent interview with B High ATL, Bun B discussed differentiating himself from others, especially Pimp, whose popularity he claimed he could never even contemplate approaching.

Bun claimed that Pimp was considerably more talented than him and had it all. Knowing all of this, Pimp advised Bun that his ego would not contribute to UGK’s success.

“If I had had any more ego, UGK wouldn’t have worked because there’s no way to compete against Pimp C,” Bun B said. “In that sense, he was way more talented than me. He was a naturally cool muthafucker. He was the sex symbol, you know what I’m saying. He was a mentor to a lot of people I was too, but there’s no beating him one-on-one.”

In 1987, Pimp C and Bun B formed UGK in Port Arthur, Texas. Following the 1992 publication of their debut album Too Hard to Swallow, they went on to record a number of more albums that both peaked on the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums lists.

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