Bootleg Kev Interviews Common and Pete Rock on Their Long-Awaited Collaboration.

Common & Pete Rock on Kendrick vs Drake & New Album "The Auditorium Vol. 1"

In this interview, Bootleg Kev sits down with Common and Pete Rock to discuss their new collaborative album, “The Auditorium Vol. 1,” and various hip-hop topics. Pete Rock shares that he has been eager to work with Common for over two decades and is thrilled to finally have the opportunity to collaborate.

Common and Pete Rock talk about the significance of conscious hip-hop and its vital role in hip-hop culture. They also weigh in on the recent rap battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, expressing that it was a positive development for the hip-hop scene. The interview concludes with a fan asking Common about his dual identity as an actor and musician. Common expresses pride in his acting career but emphasizes his enduring passion for hip-hop.