BIG 3 Podcast Reunion: Hot Topics, Laughs, and a Fire Freestyle by Shea.

Episode 230: "BBLs & Bald Heads"

CWTFB Radio is Back with a Special Podcast Episode featuring the Original BIG 3.

 Bellez was in town, allowing the hosts to seamlessly pick up right where they left off, and they haven’t missed a beat.

Join your favorite drunk uncles CharlieMaSheen & KASH, along with the beloved BIG BELLEZ from a BIG BLOCK! They touched on topics like Latto revealing she got a BBL due to social media bullying, RichAmiri allegedly skipping the XXL Freshman class freestyle out of fear, the Presidential Debate, and much more! 

There was no guest, but their guy Shea still dropped by and delivered another #RedCupsAndRap Freestyle to tie the night together perfectly!