Before Deleting His Account, Meek Mill Explains Why He Is Leaving Twitter “Forever.”

Before Deleting His Account Meek Mill Explains Why He Is Leaving Twitter "Forever."

Meek Mill has formally stopped using Twitter.

The Philadelphia rapper sent out one more tweet before permanently shutting down his Twitter account, explaining his decision to his admirers.

“Ima deactivate Twitter forever and go to a new social where it’s more good vibes based off building, creating and motivation,” he wrote. “Whoever run my shit turn this off forever … ima takeover my YouTube account to replace me interacting with supports! Too many bots and weird people.”

Following the tweet, Meek Mill promptly made his account inactive. He has more than 23 million followers on Instagram, where he is continuously active.

Meek’s exit from Twitter comes after Elon Musk, who paid $44 billion to acquire the service in October, tweeted a poll on Sunday asking people if they should stand down as Twitter’s CEO. I’ll follow the findings of this poll.

More than 17.5 million people responded to Musk’s poll, and 57.5% of respondents agreed that he should resign.

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