BBG STEPPAA Discusses Ideal Relationship Traits on ‘Talk of The Town.

I Need A Girl like my MOMMA | BBG STEPPAA

In his interview with the ‘Talk of The Town’ podcast, BBG STEPPAA shared his views on what he looks for in a girl. He began by stating that he reciprocates how a girl treats him. He then explained that some girls can be distractions and hindrances to his career by demanding too much of his time.

BBG STEPPAA clarified that he isn’t interested in using girls to advance his career and prefers relationships that don’t consume too much of his time. He acknowledged that girls can sometimes help build a guy’s career, citing A Boogie as an example, but emphasized that he isn’t seeking that type of relationship.

He listed three qualities he values in a girl: the ability to cook, because his mother is an excellent cook; treating him well, similar to how his mother treats him. 

BBG STEPPAA also outlined three things he will do for his girl: he will provide for her, spoil her when they are together, and take her on trips and buy her small gifts. He admitted that his availability might be an issue as he is not good at texting and dislikes sharing his phone number.