Bad Bunny And Ñengo Flow Release ‘Gato De Noche’ Music Video

Bad Bunny And Ñengo Flow Release ‘Gato De Noche’ Music Video

Bad Bunny’s most recent joint effort with rapper Flow, “Gato de Noche,” has a music video out now.

The song combines Bunny’s distinctive sensual twang and cadence with Flow’s distinctive cadence and delivery, leaving fans constantly wanting more.

You can see the high voltage sensuality and hyper musicianship that have made Bad Bunny and Flow two of the most significant artists to emerge in recent years in the official music video.

According to Billboard, the Puerto Rican native (Bunny) first previewed the song in a 50-second TikTok video he posted on Tuesday, telling his fans, “OK, now yes, check this out.” I’ll play this for you, please. This is how the year will end.

“He loves you and gives you everything, / But you’re the devil and you’re crazy for me,” he sings in the reggaeton song. “You like the bad boys and are playing fire with me […] although you’re a sin, I’m going to hell following that big ass / I’m on my way / Today I’m picking you up after midnight.”

The collaboration between Nengo Flow and Bad Bunny is not new. The two collaborated on the YHLQMDLG songs “Safaera” and “Qué Malo.” Both musicians appeared on Maluma’s song “Un Polvo” from the same year as well as “Diles” from 2016.

Bunny closes out what is maybe his most prosperous year to date with “Gato de Noche.” For the third consecutive year, the musician is the most streamed artist on Spotify. Additionally, he completed a sold-out stadium and arena tour.

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