Back from Hiatus: Catching Up on Life, Music, and Controversies.

Support Black Nepotism | Episode 282 | NEW RORY & MAL

The crew is back after a brief hiatus and they are ready to dive into everything that happened while they were away. They kicked off by catching up on the past week, with Julian sharing his wedding swag. Mal talks about an intriguing scene in Harlem where white people were kissing the feet of Black Israelites, and he reflects on honoring a late friend of the show. 

The BET Awards took place, and Mal expresses his extreme disappointment with the event overall. They analyze the new Will Smith song and performance, the Usher tribute, and discuss the winners, including the Tyla vs. Sexyy Red debate . 

Rick Ross made a questionable decision, and they discussed the recording that surfaced of him and his DJ facing the consequences). Bronny James was drafted to the Lakers, and they share their honest opinions about it. Plus, they debate if Derek Fisher was a great player. 

Caitlyn Clark and Angel Reese are now teammates on the WNBA All-Stars team, and they debate who’s having a better rookie year. They briefly touch on the latest music releases before diving into the voicemails and much more.