At The Art Basel In Miami, Travis Scott Performs An Unannounced Performance

At The Art Basel In Miami, Travis Scott Performs An Unannounced Performance

In Miami for this year’s Art Basel festival, Travis Scott was seen doing a DJ set and giving an unexpected club performance.

The Houston rapper was seen performing on stage at E11even in a TMZ video.

The video opens with Travis Scott singing the first line of “SICKO MODE” before stopping to speak to a fan who had entered the stage while intoxicated.

“You’re on stage like a mu’fucka,” he can be heard saying while remaining completely calm. “Come on. Come on! No bystander rule.”

La Flame can be seen rapping “Highest in the Room” on the cellphone video after which he enters the DJ booth to briefly replace Chase B.

According to reports, Travis Scott’s club performance happened on Saturday, December 3, the same day he was supposed to pay tribute to his buddy and colleague Virgil Abloh at the Mirror Mirror Music Festival.

The performance was organized by Benji B, produced by Virgil Abloh Securities, and held at the FPL Solar Amphitheater in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. It was a benefit for the Virgil Abloh Foundation, which will begin operations in 2023.

Along with Scott, Benji B and Skepta are the co-headliners.

“Virgil had the ability to bring everyone together to create magic,” Shannon Abloh, the fashion designer’s wife and CEO of Virgil Abloh Securities said ahead of the festival. “With his close collaborators, we wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate Virgil–his legacy, his passion, and his care for others. He believed his real work was championing others and we will continue his work supporting youth in the arts with the launch of the Virgil Abloh Foundation in 2023.”

Travis Scott’s long-awaited Utopia album received a boost in anticipation last month when he made an appearance, leading some fans to think the album would be coming soon.

The rapper Cactus Jack had the honor of taking the stage on day two of the 2022 Primavera Sound festival in Chile and performing in front of one of his favorite musicians.

The Grammy-nominated Icelandic singer Björk was also a part of the festival; towards the conclusion of his performance, he saluted her and called her one of his “greatest inspirations.”

Travis Scott’s admiration for Björk spurred rumors about his widely awaited fourth album, despite him mispronouncing her name, which is pronounced: “Bjork.” The vocalist for Volta previously released an album titled Utopia on November 24, 2017, which caused some astute fans to speculate that Travis’ future album will also be released on that day this year.

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