After “Cuff It (Wetter Remix),” Twista Teases A Beyoncé Collaboration

After "Cuff It (Wetter Remix)," Twista Teases A Beyoncé Collaboration

Twista has contributed to several timeless remixes throughout the years, and he just made it known that he is now working on his own take on Beyoncé’s “Cuff It.”

The official remix of the song, which features Twista’s “Wetter” instrumental, was released by Bey on Friday, February 3. Renaissance is Bey’s critically acclaimed new album.

The track layered over the Chi-town native’s 2009 hit even features new lyrics: “I can see the love in your eyes/ Boy I know you wanna squeeze it, don’t lie/ Double tap when I walk by, fuck a reply,” she sings on the bridge.

However, The Neighborhood Talk reports that there is still more to come since Tung Twista himself announced he will release his very own remix of the song, which is a crowd favorite. He told the site on Friday that he was “working on it as we speak” (February 9).

After Beyoncé’s historic night at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 5, where she won the prize for Best Dance/Electronic Album for Renaissance, the news was announced shortly after.

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