A “World’s First” iPhone Chain Is Used By Polo G To Stunt On Fans

A "World's First" iPhone Chain Is Used By Polo G To Stunt On Fans

Soulja Boy has 24 hours to respond to Polo G’s social media post, in which he displays his most recent acquisition of distinctive jewelry.

The “world’s first” iPhone chain was purchased by the Chicago native from Atlanta’s go-to bespoke bling store, Icebox.

“I’m here with Polo G right now and we’re showing you the world’s first chain with a screen on it,” an Icebox employee said in the clip revealing the chain.

Polo G added: “Yeah man, hardest chain in the fucking game right now. Shout-out to Icebox on gang!”


The personalized video-playing chain has a bulldog holding an iPhone, the Boston Red Sox “B” insignia surrounding the necklace, and even a charging port on the side of the lucrative six-figure piece.

The gleaming object, which weighs more than half a kilogram, is composed of more than 90 karats of VS diamonds, according to Icebox.

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