A Tv Series Called “8 Mile” Is Being Developed By 50 Cent To Carry On Eminem’s “Legacy”

A Tv Series Called "8 Mile" Is Being Developed By 50 Cent To Carry On Eminem's "Legacy"

In an effort to further Eminem’s already unstoppable “legacy,” 50 Cent has revealed that he has begun production on an 8 Mile TV series, albeit few specifics have been released as of yet.

In an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, the rapper-turned-TV mogul revealed the initiative and claimed Slim Shady supported the film’s move to television.

“I wanna bring — I’m gonna bring, 8 Mile to television,” 50 Cent said, confirming that Em is aware of his plans.

“We in motion,” 50 said after being asked what stage of production the show is in. “It’s gonna be big. I’m working. I ain’t got no duds. I’m batting 100 … I think it should be there for [Eminem’s] legacy because it’s important to me that they understand it.”

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