A Surprise Talk By Drake Is Presented At Florida International University


Drake seldom shows up in college classes, but that is exactly what happened this week when the 6 God spoke as a guest speaker in Dave Grutman’s hospitality course at Florida International University in Miami.

The 400 students present were thrilled to see Drizzy dressed entirely in black on Thursday (November 3), just hours before their collaborative album Her Loss went live on streaming services.

Drake gave out lots of life lessons while reminiscing on his distinguished career while seated next to Miami nightlife magnate Dave Grutman.

“I think it’s still amazing that at 8:30 at night, you’re all still sitting here and trying to learn something and trying to elevate yourselves,” he began.

“Exploration as an artist really just boils down to confidence. I think you have to find the balance between doing what you know works for you and what you know people love you for, but also giving yourself a shock, waking yourself up because it can become very formulaic.”

Drake also acknowledged that he and 21 finished the album on Thursday at noon ET, or roughly 12 hours before it was made available for streaming. In the middle of the 2000s, he recalled meeting down with people like JAY-Z and Dr. Dre, but no labels wanted to sign him.

“I remember going around New York with my uncle early in my career,” he added. “I sat in front of every label. I sat in front of JAY-Z, Lenny, and I sat in front of Dr. Dre.

“Throughout my career, I wasn’t the ‘thing’ hip-hop was known for. I paved my own lane and excelled in it.”

The 6 God wasn’t the only celebrity Grutman invited to speak during the seminar; other class nights during the semester featured DJ Khaled and Victoria Beckham as special guests.

Her Loss is expected to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with between 370,000 and 390,000 first-week units, including 425 to 450 million on-demand streams, according to HITS Daily Double.

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