8 Zip Discusses His Boston Roots, Music Inspirations, Upcoming Projects & More.

8 Zipp talks Boston, Bobby Brown, Rap and Street Life in Mass | CINNERGY Show w/ Cinner Blanco

In a recent interview on the PUTINWORKTV channel, rapper 8 Zip sat down with Cinner Blanco to discuss his life, musical influences, career and much more.

The conversation kicked off with a fun chat about 8 Zip’s passion for tacos. He then shared insights into his upbringing in Boston, his multicultural background as Honduran and Black, and his ability to speak some Spanish.

8 Zip highlighted his musical inspirations, mentioning Boston rappers and artists like Styles P, Juelz Santana, and French Montana. He also gave a shout-out to his friend Punch for bestowing him with the rap name 8 Zip. Contrary to what his name might suggest, 8 Zip clarified that he has never been involved in drug dealing and emphasized his genuine love for music.

The discussion explored 8 Zip’s musical preferences, including his appreciation for Detroit drill music and artists like Rio Da Young OG. He also talked about his culinary skills, his role working with young people at DYSS and more.

Wrapping up the interview, 8 Zip talked about his upcoming music releases, merchandise, and other content. He also mentioned that his significant other is set to release an EP soon.

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