500 Turkeys Are Donated To Batons Roughe Families In Need By Nba Youngboy

500 Turkeys Are Donated To Batons Roughe Families In Need By Nba Youngboy

500 households in his hometown of Baton Rouge will receive a turkey for Thanksgiving thanks to NBA YoungBoy.

According to local news source WBRZ, the rapper from the group Colors collaborated with the NAACP on Monday (November 22) to offer 500 free turkeys and a free Thanksgiving meal at Boil & Roux in the state’s capital.

Later that night, YoungBoy posted a PSA on his Instagram encouraging people to “stop the violence” in order to keep the positive momentum going.

“Aye! Stop the violence,” he said from high up on a rooftop while in great spirits. “Look at me! I could promise you it’s a bigger side of life. Stop the violence. You could be a rich n-gga, ya heard me? I could promise you. I ain’t gon’ tell you what’s in my bank account bitch but aye – stop the violence!”

Even though YoungBoy is generous this Christmas season, he is also competitive when it comes to his career.

The Baton Rouge native said he could out-rap JAY-Z in a series of Instagram Stories aired on Thursday night (November 17), and in an Instagram Live on Monday night (November 21), he sneered at the idea that Drake was in his league.

The announcement earlier this month that YoungBoy had exceeded the head of Roc Nation in terms of the number of entries on the Billboard 200 as a solo artist may have been the cause of the Hov remark. Ma, I Got a Family from October, which debuted at No. 7, gave him the edge with 25 entries, only one more than Jay had with 24. (Note that EVERYTHING IS LOVE, his collaborative project with his wife Beyoncé, was not included in his solo discography.)

Rappers who have sold their song catalogs have also come under fire recently from YoungBoy, who believes that they are attempting to stay up with him despite failing.

“These bitch-ass n-ggas heard how I got that bag. I had these bitch ass n-ggas sell their whole catalog to catch up, man. Fuck you,” he said in a recent video. “And bitch, I ain’t gonna drop no song and tell you anything. You going to wait ’til next year. You going to bump them n-ggas like I told you two years ago. Them bitch-ass n-ggas that’s misleading you.”

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