50 Cent States The Mammoth Fee He Receives For Live Performance

50 Cent States The Mammoth Fee He Receives For Live Performance

Over the years, 50 Cent has gained so much popularity abroad that he is now earning more than 10 times what he used to make a show in the United States 20 years ago.

The rapper-turned-billionaire opened up about the numerous facets of his expanding business empire while gracing this week’s cover of Billboard. Last year, his empire included several deals in the film and television sector as well as an international tour.

The head of G-Unit was questioned about how that earlier pricing relates to his current show price because he previously revealed a tale about how Master P may have pulled a fast one on him by booking a few shows at 50’s pre-Get Rich Or Die Tryingin’ rate.

“I think he gave me like $80,000, and now I’m getting like $900,000, $1million. The coolest thing we create in America is celebrities. If you see LeBron [James’] fan base internationally, you’ll argue, ‘Why is he staying here?’ He’s that big internationally. For the most part, I can’t speak for everybody, but the international side of the game is different.”

Last month, 50 Cent was questioned about his thoughts on P’s most recent public altercation with his son Romeo Miller during an appearance on Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The G-Unit boss retorted that, in contrast to the circumstance involving him and his son Marquise, he anticipates the Millers to be able to regain the tight bond they formerly shared.

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