24 Hours with Skrilla: Buba100x Explores the Rapper’s World.

Living With Skrilla For 24 Hours!

In this episode, Buba100x spends 24 hours with rapper Skrilla. The video begins with Buba visiting Skrilla’s neighborhood and getting to know each other. They discuss how Skrilla, who goes by SKR, started rapping and his belief that music and drugs don’t mix—he only creates music when sober.

They freestyle together and talk about the process of recording a hit song, with Skrilla emphasizing the need to stay off drugs for his creativity. Later, Buba reveals that due to his religious beliefs, he cannot go outside during daylight, prompting Skrilla to jokingly compare him to a vampire.

Buba shares his desire to support his neighborhood and mentions raising his feature prices from $5 to $10, reflecting his belief in his growing worth. They visit a local restaurant and discuss the importance of giving back to the community. They also shared their struggles, expressing their hopes for the future and much more.