2018’s “Da Hated” Is The Decade’s Verse, Vado Claims

2018's "Da Hated" Is The Decade's Verse, Vado Claims

With his poetic performance on Dave East’s 2018 song “Da Hated,” Vado has staked his claim as the verse of the decade.

The Harlem rapper made the audacious claim about “Da Hated’s” grandeur in a recent Instagram comment, more than four years after the song’s release and well into the 2020s.

“If u ask me a verse of da decade,” Vado wrote.

Rap fans commented extensively on TheHipHopWolf’s capture of Vado’s claim to the 2010s finest verse crown.

“Some stuff just hits better coming from certain people … if Drake or J said these bars the world would shut down lol  … Vado spittin,” one person wrote. Another added: “N-gga shit ain’t even better than East’s lmao Vado my dog tho!”

Some rap fans mentioned J. Cole’s bars on “Johnny P’s Caddy” with Benny The Butcher as one of their favorite verses from the recent past, and others weighed in with other verses they like. Some people plainly liked Dave East’s rhymes to Vado’s work.


One admirer of the 37-year-old rhymer fiercely disagreed with him, and the Vado “Da Hated” argument even made it to Twitter. They stated, “Vado said his verse on ‘Da Hared’ is verse of the decade. “Don’t misunderstand me, he definitely spit on it! But what about the verse of the decade? NAH!!!”

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