150 New Orleans Children Receive Gifts And A “Weezy Christmas” Party From Lil Wayne

150 New Orleans Children Receive Gifts And A "Weezy Christmas" Party From Lil Wayne

For a group of teenagers in his hometown of New Orleans, Lil Wayne increased the joy of the holiday season.

For a Weezy Christmas, Wayne and Young Money president Mack Maine joined up with Wilson to spread holiday pleasure to 150 teenagers at a nearby Dave & Buster’s for a day of entertaining arcade games. According to TMZ, each child also received a gift of their preferred sports equipment.

“I want to personally wish each of you a Merry Christmas,” Weezy said in a video to the children. “And I know you love sports like I love sports, so I hit up my people at Wilson Sporting Goods to give you the gift of game. I specifically picked out everything myself, I hope you love everything and I hope you have an amazing holiday.”

Young Money has partnered with the Son of a Saint mentor program and another athletic organization to promote sports in the Harrell Park neighborhood, where Lil Wayne once lived, as part of their ongoing commitment to giving back to the community during the holiday season.

“This Christmas @mackmaine4president & I wanted to give some future hall of Famers the gift of game w/ the help of @Wilson 🤙🏾,” he wrote in an Instagram post.  “Making sure they received the necessary resources so they could enjoy all the benefits of being a top-tier athlete was very important to us!”

Weezy F. Baby has a lot to be grateful for at this time of year because his 2008 hit song “Lollipop” sold over 10 million copies in the United States, earning him his first diamond award last week.

“Welcome to the [diamond] club! @LilTunechi earns his first Diamond as #Lollipop reaches 10X multi-Platinum @RepublicRecords @CashMoney,” the RIAA wrote on Twitter while congratulating the New Orleans rap legend.

With a mixture of shock, joy, and appreciation, Wayne responded to the news, and he used the occasion to thank his followers in an Instagram post honoring his success.

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