1,000 Families Are Treated By Future’s Charity Foundation To A Christmas Shopping Spree

1,000 Families Are Treated By Future's Charity Foundation To A Christmas Shopping Spree

Through his Freewishes Foundation, Future has helped many Georgians cope with the strains of the festive season.

As part of the group’s I AM A DREAMER Holiday Pop-Up, the Atlanta rap superstar over the weekend treated 1,000 Georgia families to an all-out shopping spree at Target as a way of giving back to the neighborhood.

The Freewishes Foundation’s ninth annual toy drive was held on December 17 on a Saturday.

“Christmas has always been another opportunity to give and not receive for the foundation,” Future’s sister, Tia Wilburn, said in a statement (via VIBE). “We’ve been committed to giving back to those in need for over ten years, especially in metro Atlanta and the neighborhood we grew up in, Kirkwood.”

Future’s mother, Tia Jester, added: “I’m so happy that everyone was able to get the things they need for their children and family members. We are doing our part to service our communities. In over a decade we’ve never waited for anyone else to help our community.

“We have always stepped up to the plate. Our commitment to the community is very faith-based. God has been a blessing to our family and we want to continue to service the community.”

The Freewishes Foundation also offers scholarships, health initiatives, and aid to elderly citizens across Georgia, so Future’s organization’s efforts to give back to the community are not limited to the toy drive.

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